About us

Black Sea Labs is a scientific and research pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratory specializing in the development and manufacture of products, intended to improve the quality of life.

Despite the fact that our company began its work in late 2018, we already are confidently entrenched in the markets of Europe. Our products are also well-known in Russia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

Today we successfully produce and distribute various pharmaceuticals in compliance , USP and ISO standards and requirements.

Currently, the company owns one manufacturing facilities over 40 employees - doctors, chemists, technologists, programmers, engineers – work. All of them are highly qualified specialists. Company's goal is to create in Georgia a qualified, competent staff that would correspond to all rigours of the work related to pharmaceutical production.

At the moment, the company's portfolio consists of over 25 products, in different forms and dosages.

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For any queries please email: info@blacksealabs.com